Cambridge, MD – In April 2021, SafeChain Solutions, a full-service, wholesale pharmaceutical distributor, announced its annual “Health and Fitness Challenge.” This 13-week program encourages employees to embrace a healthy lifestyle and maintain good mental health. Through a variety of activities, employees’ metrics will be measured using a point system to determine the top earners. The point system takes body fat percentage, weight, monthly check-ins, participation in boot camps, a physical fitness assessment, and points for participation in charity events.

Corporate fitness programs continue to increase in popularity because they not only help employees embrace fitness and physical health, but also increase employee morale and help manage stress. Worksites are doing more to prevent, arrest, and even reverse chronic diseases than any other group. A recent study determined that 11.1% of the total healthcare cost of the United States was directly related to inadequate physical activity.

Charles Boyd, Founder and CEO, said “We’re proud to support our employee’s effort to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Our company is always on the lookout for novel ways to make it enjoyable.” 

SafeChain’s 2021 Health and Fitness Challenge winners will be announced on July 22nd.

About SafeChain:

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